TJ Class of '68     NEWSLETTER                                                           11/05/10

I can't believe it is already time to write another NEWSLETTER.  I think you must be thinking the same thing!  Why? You will see that I am really, really, really sparse on MAIL from classmates.  Maybe I will receive some for the next edition in two weeks. 



from Charlene Valenciano Allen in Beaumont
Gee, I can't believe that I turned 60 on 10/10/10!!!  Keep me in your prayers for a good job to come along.  I got laid off and now I am catching up on doing things around the house.  My grandkids keep me busy, also. 

from Carolyn Hebert '58 (wife of Al Hebert '56)
I am creating a FB page for Alfred.  Some of his former students are wanting to get in touch with him.  One of his daughters called recently and told him that Jim Ware, a local FOX sports reporter in Beaumont, wants to interview him.  Here are our current webpages: 

from Gloria Faye Burks Scott in Bryan/College Station
I took a day off for my birthday and traveled to visit my mother, daughter, son-in-law and three of my grandchildren.  We celebrated grandsons' 13th b-d, granddaughter's 6th b-d, daughter's b-d and mine.  It was wonderful to see family.




Bad week! 

1)My 10 year old white poodle, recently diagnosed with diabetes and epilepsy, had seizures on two different days.. 

2)It would have been my parents' 70th wedding anniversary Wed., Nov. 3rd.

3)I attended the funeral for a classmate.

4)My knee bothered me all week.

5)My brother was diagnosed with diabetes.

6)Dallas Cowboys lost, Texas Rangers lost, Houston Texans lost!

Good week!

1)My dog is under medication to control her seizures.  Classmate Dr. Tillman Richey is such a sweetheart at Groves Vet Clinic.

2)I had 60 years of memories with my sweet Momma and hopefully more years to come with my dad!

3)Ronnie Hollier is now out of pain and suffering and reunited with his twin, Donnie.

4)Still have my "real" knees.

5)My brother has the diabetes, not ME!  "-)

6)There's always NEXT YEAR!


INFO for Someone Looking for a CAREGIVER for PA/Mid-County area

Donna Halbrook, my dad's sitter three days a week, is looking for additional hours.  Her other patient has been moved to a nursing facility.  She is not an LVN, but a sitter/care giver.  We love her dearly.  She is a '67 graduate from PN-G.  She is available on some weekends and occasionally for a couple of days or nights sometimes during the week since she has my dad for three of those days.  She can work with a flexible schedule.  She lives off of Taft Ave. in Groves across from Taft Elementary.  Contact me and I will forward her your concerns and requests.



Janette Light Norton has been busy with her mom in and out of hospitals, therapy, etc.  Keep them in your thoughts. 

Shelley Dettman's mom has a caregiver during the day while Shelley is busy being a dedicated counselor in the PN-G school district.  She is her mom's help once she returns home.  Sweet Shelley. 

Bart Darby's parents both have caregivers since they are struggling with major health problems.  Please keep them in your thoughts. 

A note from Fred McCarty:

My wife and I have been dealing with getting my mother-in-law set up in an assisted living  retirement center in Michigan.  Having to be there assisting with the move, closing of her home, she has lived there 56 years, and all this has to be done by the end of November.  We will be happy and less worried that she will be in a good facility and can make it through the long, cold Michigan winter.  We are also building a new home, but will remain in Kingwood.  Hopefully, it will be completed in February.   

Laura Meece Darby's brother, Tim, recently died at the young age of 57.  The autopsy reports states that it was an aorta aneurysm. Laura and Bart have had a bad couple of years.  Prayers are always appreciated.  

A note from Joel Levy:
My boss, who was the sole owner of our company, died in May and his wife decided to close the company three weeks ago.  I am now 61 and looking for a new job!  I have an interview set up at Baylor.  That would be my dream.  Keep your fingers crossed.  (Joel is a neuropyschologist). 

from Stephen Simonton
We are doing well.  My wife, Betty (Hebert) '67, had a good checkup and pronounced "clear" of cancer. 



death of classmate, Ronnie Hollier on Oct. 27, 2010

Cards may be sent to his mother:
Jean Hollier
3031 Saba Lane
Port Neches, TX 77651


 As you can see, my newsletter contains an array of subjects.  Please send me ANYTHING to add.  I really don't want to start looking for information in FaceBook again. 


                                      Stay in touch and contact a Classmate,
                                      Linda DeCuir McFadden







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