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Summer Fogle - (daughter of Larry Speake) diagnosed with a very rare and serious genetic connective tissue disorder, called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS).
Her two son's Dakotah and Cherokee are experiencing the same symptoms. 

Lee Benedetto’s daughter, Brandi - with MS waiting on transplant
Pat Trahan Knox -

recovering from wrist injuries

Debbie Borres Desmond - Chronic Leukemia & Mantel Cell Lymphoma 
Pat Trahan Knox - ongoing hand issues 
Carol Olivier Nunez’ granddaughter, Maleigha, - broken fibula
Loretta Lalonde Myers - hip replacement surgery 
Linda L. Davis Fitzpatrick - aneurism behind her eye 

Janice Nunez’s father,

Edwin J. Nunez

Thanksgiving blessing by Brian Abiraj


    Let us pray for all to be happy,
    to love one another,
    to help each other,
    to gain wisdom,
    for all to receive god’s blessings,
    to break free from the illusion
    that is distracting us from our true nature.
    No one shall go hungry,
    no one will suffer,
    abundance is with everyone
    and all negativity shall be removed!


Addison Fawcett has overcome amputation by embracing sports and life

  Addison Fawcett is your typical 6-year-old girl from Groves. She loves to play outside and enjoys outdoors.           
She does not let anything hold her back. “When she was first born we thought she had a club foot.” Said Brian Fawcett, Addison’s father. Click on link below for more.       
The following photos are located on Imagevue in "Most Recent Photos"
Carol Olivier takes a photo at Antone's
  Ricky and Gloria (Phillips) Bradley and family
Chris Stroud sitting on Cloud 9 with Sunday’s victory

Chris Stroud was somewhere between Reno and Sacramento when he called Monday morning to share his thoughts and thanks for that long awaited first PGA Tour victory in the Barracuda Championship. It was a conversation I wish everyone reading this could have heard.

Read more. Article written by Bob West, August 2017.


Reunion News


July 27, 2018 – Social

July 28, 2018 – Dance/Mixer

July 29, 2018 – Breakfast Buffet at Luby's

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